Marielanne | Model Photography

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I got together with my friend and fellow local photographer, Vince, and got to do a small session with Mariel. She was in 2016 Miss Universe Guam and did top 5 and also did World Beauty Queen and got to travel and represent Guam! Kind girl with a very positive attitude. Thanks for the invite Vince!

mariel prodigy studios guam model guam model

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Andreana | Model Photography

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I had a fun photography session with Andreana, a world traveler who made Guam one of her stops. Here are her photos.

Meredith | Model Photography

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I got to work with Meredith who just recently moved to Guam from New York. She currently is a magic and dance performer at Sand Castle. She is also a world traveler. Here are some of her photos.

meredith1 meredith2 meredith3 meredith4

Guam Models

Carmela Tyquiengco | Guam Model

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There aren’t that many models in Guam that I work with since I’m always busy. I try to work with people that are definitely worth my time but for Carmela, I hope that I am worth HER time! Carmela is such an awesome people.  She is humble, she isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, she is a hard worker with her 3 jobs and her business (Carmela owns a shave ice business with her boyfriend that you got to try out) and of course she photographs so well! One of the top best models Guam has ever produced in my opinion. Easy and fun to work with.  SO I make it my business to photograph her at least once a year! Here is Carmela for our 2016 collection.

Carmela Tyquiengco carmela2016_13-prodigy carmela2016_12-prodigy guam model carmela2016_10-prodigy carmela2016_9-prodigy carmela2016_8-prodigy guam model carmela2016_6-prodigy carmela2016_5-prodigy carmela2016_4-prodigy guam model prodigy studios model Carmela Tyquiengco carmela

Naiomie Santos | Guam Model Photography

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I have been wanting to work with Naiomie for years, especially after being Guam’s Miss Earth few years ago.  Finally she is ready to do some photo shoot with me and although we only had 30 minutes to shoot, we got some awesome shots.

naiomie2-1naiomie santos guam model

naimoie guamnaimoie-2-prodigy guam model naimoie-12-prodigynaimoie guam models naiomie santosnaimoie-13-prodigyprodigy studios model naimoie-8-prodigy naimoie-9-prodigy naiomie santosguam model photography

Guam Model Photography | Prodigy Studios

Skye | Miss Earth Guam 2015

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We are so proud of our friend Skye for representing Guam in the world Miss Earth pageant and making it to final 16! Skye also got an award for being the friendliest just like how Guam really is! Good luck in college in Hawaii! We are sure you will be doing great things in life!

Skye9 skye9b Skye10 Skye11 Skye12 Skye13 Skye15


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We finally got to photograph Skye! She has helped us in couple of our commercial work years ago.  She is Guam’s 2015 Miss Earth and has represented our island really well.  Great person and ready to take on the world, we are excited to have gotten to photograph her before she left off island for college!

skye-1-prodigy skye-2-prodigy skye-3-prodigy skye-4-prodigy skye-5-prodigy skye2-1-prodigy skye3-1-prodigy


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I was asked to help Phoebe make a portfolio so she can branch out to international modeling agencies.  She is tall, graceful and kind.  I think she has what it takes to have an adventure in the modeling world.  It is also great to see parents who are very supportive as well.  Here are some of her photos.

phoebe5prodigy phoebe218prodigyphoebe10blu phoebe15blu phoebe29blu phoebe46blu phoebe55blu




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Marissa | Guam Model Photography

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Marissa is new to Guam’s modeling scene but she came in first joining Henri’s team, JLB modeling. Very fun girl and super easy to work with. Looking forward to what she will be doing next.


marissa1 marissa2 marissa3 marissa4 marissa5 marissa6 marissa7 marissa8 marissa9 marissa10 marissa11 marissa12 marissa13 marissa14 marissa15 marissa16 marissa17 marissa18 marissa19 marissa20 marissa21 marissa22 marissa23 marissa24 marissa25 marissa26 marissa27 marissa28 marissa29 marissa30 marissa31