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This is definitely one of my favorite photoshoot of all time.  Special thanks to Robert Camacho for coming up with the theme, locations and the car.  Thanks to Manny Rona for finding all the talent and models and allowing me to use his huge softbox.  Robert is an upcoming fellow photographer doing cool things and Manny is a badass portrait photographer who also shoots for our local UNO magazine.  I just showed up and partied!  The talents are: Logan Reyes, Mark Scott, Caitlin Thomas, Brandon Weber, Justin Martin, Dani Simms, Samantha Moore, Melissa Bryant, Ken Morris and Elizabeth Marino.  Additional thanks to Sharmayne Kay for assisting us!

Madmen Guam Madmen Guam Prodigy Studios Guam Photography

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Aja Matson

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I had a great time getting a crew together to photograph Aja (Asia)!  She also rolls with me at our Jiu-Jitsu gym Universal Alliance and is pretty tough!  We had the talented make up artist, Vei-len Grantham helping us out.  Arie Ritten assisted with the paint. Manny Rona and Paige Bossart came over and shot with me.  We did this in my little apartment living room and had pizza and beer from 6 to midnight!  I love it when artists get together and create beautiful photos together as a team! Aja looks like a movie star. Check out Manny Rona and Paige Bossart‘s awesome photos by clicking on their names.

Aja Matson Aja Matson Models Paint photography Aja Models and Parrot Bird photo Paint Photography

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Had an awesome photo session on the day it was raining like crazy.  It stopped raining for few hours, enough for us to get our shots.  Thanks Frank for helping us out and the support.

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Esther & Stephanie

DJ Stephanie Loayza & Violinist Esther Anaya

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I had the priviledge of photographing DJ Stephanie Loayza & Viloinist Esther Anaya at Nikko Hotel after their Tropical Production gig.  They were flown to Guam from Los Angeles to DJ and play at the Globe and it was the biggest and the baddest party of summer 2013, a pre-EIF party before the highly successful EIF (Electric Island Festival) party.  I even got a chance to make a commercial with Esther for DOCOMO Pacific representing the new BlackBerry Z10.  You can see the commercial at  DJ Stephanie is a stunning Spanish DJ who can move the whole club with excitement! Combine her spinning skills with the sexy Esther’s electric Violin and it’s a total sexy package!  If you need to youtube them to see what I’m talking about.  They flew all the way from Los Angeles.  It’s great to see such rockstars with such kind and humble personality!  Like Stephanie on her facebook and Esther at

Esther & Stephanie Esther & Stephanie Esther & Stephanie Esther Anaya Esther Anaya Esther Anaya Esther Anaya Esther Anaya Esther Anaya Stephanie Loayza Stephanie Loayza Stephanie Loayza

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Alexis is running for Miss Universe Guam.  I believe she has a huge chance on winning. She’s tall, very elegant and classy.  Super kind and also a hard worker.  I saw her driving around island making sells and raising money for her pageant. She’s not afraid to get dirty and get work done.  She has the characteristic to represent our island Guam with pride!

Alixes Prodigy Studios Guam Model Miss Universe Guam

Alixes Guam model Guam