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Katrina Brisbin

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Katrina just moved to Guam recently and I was lucky enough to have met her to photograph her.  On top of modeling she actually works full time as a photojournalist photographer and have traveled the world for her job.  Here are some of her photos.

Guam Model Model back tattoo beach photography tanguissan beach model prodigy studios model katrina guam model model beach model butt guam model guam photography

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Leila Rahmani

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I have been talking to Leila for over a year to do this shoot but she left island to go to school. I was lucky enough to have photographed her while while she was back in Guam for a vacation.  Leila made our shoot fun with her funny sarcasm and her fun personality.


guam model

leila-8-prodigy prodigy studios model leila

leila-5-prodigy leila-6-prodigy leila-7-prodigy


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Paige Bossart

Paige Marie Bossart | A Model and a Photographer

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I’ve know Paige for about a year now and met her when she was really getting serious with her photography work. You can ‘like’ Paige’s photography Facebook at  Paige is a jack of all art trades. She loves to sing and perform. She can act.  She can shoot and now, I know for a fact,  she can definitely model!  This is her first time doing bikini shoot and wanted to get out of her comfort level. She did amazing and photographs so well!  Here are her photos. Enjoy! Prodigy Studios Paige Bossart guam model guam model photography paige prodigy studios model tumor beach model model guam model

paige13 paige14 paige15paige marie bossart Guam Photography | Prodigy Studios | Guam Portrait Photography