Julie Kerr

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Thank you Vince for setting up another great photo shoot with Julie! We went to an old abandon building now used for soft air gun battles.  Makeup was done by Keisha Miranda and she did an outstanding job! Such a fun shoot. We just laughed most of the time and cracked jokes which made Julie feel more comfortable and the whole session so enjoyable!  Check out her photos below.

julie julie-2-prodigy julie-2B-prodigy guam model

julie-10-prodigy julie-11-prodigy

guams model guam portraits model photography julie-8-prodigy julie

muddy booty

Arie Ritten

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I finally got a chance to photograph Arie thanks to my friend Vince setting up a ‘Mud’ Shoot! Arie has many talents of her own. She started out as a photographer but she also does creative makeups, designs from shoes to jewerly and can draw.  She does make an awesome model on top of all that! Arie and her friends also runs a cool Instagram for all the Guam models so follow @Guamsmodels or click on www.instagram.com/guamsmodels. Her chihuahua Mika also came along so I took a quick snap of her.

prodigy studios Guam Model muddy booty puppy