Meshae | Chamorrita Swimwear

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Happy Birthday Meshae! Today, November 28 is her birthday and I just want to say that Meshae is one of the most positive person I know. She can flip any bad situation and make it a good day.  Meshae is quick to fall in love, she leaves it all out in the table and doesn’t judge people, that’s why she’s my friend.  She is wearing the local Chamorrita Swimwear bikini. Top is called the Fu’a and the bottom is the reversible Talo’fo’fo.  You can order your own at

prodigy studios meshae meshae lorenzo booty shot guam beach model chamorrita swimwear

guam beach model

Carmela | Chamorrita Swimwear

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I got to work with Carmela again. This time I collaborated with Sandrine from Chamorrita Swimwear for this photo shoot.  We are showcasing the FU’A Scrunch from Chamorrita Swimwear series. Go to to order!

carmela prodigy studios guam beach model guam model beach model cheeks chamorritawear_carmela-10 carmela chamorritawear_carmela-12 guam beach model chamorritawear_carmela-15 chamorritawear_carmela-16 chamorritawear_carmela-17 chamorritawear_carmela-18 chamorritawear_carmela-19 chamorritawear_carmela-20 chamorritawear_carmela-21 chamorritawear_carmela-22 chamorritawear_carmela-23 chamorritawear_carmela-24 chamorritawear_carmela-25 chamorritawear_carmela-26 chamorritawear_carmela-27 chamorritawear_carmela-28