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myong hong myong hong

“There is no better way than to make a life out of capturing a couple’s most important day. I take pride in my photography and always strive to be better and be more creative in every wedding and session that I approach. Prodigy Studios offer a fresh edgy style that will illustrate your wedding in a modern and artistic way. I combine photojournalism with an artistic touch that can recreate the emotions and the memories of the event. I love what I do and it shows. My method is influenced by the joy of photography, artistic background, and by the heartiness and sentiment of the people around me during the shoot.”

Myong was born in South Korea but raised in Guam, US Territory, since he was 5 years old. Some of his accomplishments are being in the infantry Army National Guard, two black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do, awards and recognitions in his art and photography and the one that tops all of them, raising his son Tumtum. Myong (www.myonghong.com) has a degree in psychology but immediately after college, he got a job in the video game industry, eventually becoming a graphic artist. He than started a wedding video business with two of his colleagues that ended after five years of good running. Myong picked up photography in the middle of his wedding video business journey and realized his true passion lied in still photography and that’s when he slowly transitioned from video to photography. After taking many seminars and courses in photography, he fine tuned his style which is a combination of his knowledge of making wedding movies and graphic art. His photography is ever evolving, with the desire to create photos that can tell a story and yet resembles fine art.

With a deep passion for photography and a genuine appreciation to be immortalizing your love, I am certain that you will be pleased. If you’re interested in having Prodigy Studios as your Photographers please contact us anytime by phone (671.929.6905) or email (info@prodigy-studios.com). I hope you guys have an awesome day and thank you for viewing my photography.